Thursday, November 22, 2012

This time, we'll fade out tonight

Night out at Dempsey tonight. I don't usually go to such out of the way places but since I had passes to a gig at Ben & Jerry's... yeah. Tried to dress up a little bit so here's the outfit. Didn't take many outfit photos though. 

I really love floaty dresses!

Had king prawn aglio olio at PS cafe for dinner!

With Lucas, both of us in black and white themed outfits.

Then off to Ben&Jerry's for the gig! 

Didn't take photos or videos of the performances but the covers sounded really good! It was a pity I had to leave slightly earlier because of the really inaccessible location. Nonetheless, it was a good event. Thank you Ben & Jerry's for the VIP goodie bag and free scoop of ice cream! Free scoop because I am special haha yay I love you too, Ben & Jerry's. :)

I need to be studying for finals, sigh. What a killjoy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Juicy Couture Holiday 2012 Preview

Last Wednesday, I received a pair of invites from NYLON Singapore to attend the Juicy Couture Holiday 2012 preview. It was my first time at such an event and I really enjoyed it! Please do invite me for more events hahaha. Anyway, here are some photos! :)  

There were drinks and all the little snacks. Look at all the amazing arm candy lying around!! 

Melissa, who went with me!

I look like a dwarf standing with the models but they're really pretty. And I cannot describe how much I love the fur coat and want it in my wardrobe. 

Ros from 987. :) 

Taking our polaroids at the instant photo booth and with all our juicy bags/armswag. :) 

 Lastly, I won the first place in the lucky draw. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised too because I don't usually win anything at all. So I got myself this juicy bag to take home! 

Great event, and I really hope I'll get the opportunity to go for more. Oh and the holiday 2012 collection has really amazing coats and jackets. I love all the metallics and sparkles. Plus, it's a bonus the neutral colours are so easy to match with anything! :)

On a completely unrelated note, I'm done with school for the semester! I still have my final exams left and I really really gotta study for it because I'm lagging behind so badly and I can't continue this way. An outfit post when I have the time! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Let's set the world on fire

Next week will be the last school week of the semester. Then all that's left will be final exams. And finally... THE HOLIDAYS. Plus I'm off on an exchange program next semester so it's going to be a really long break for me.

Anyway, I bought this purple and orange topshop-inspired skirt a long time ago but never wore it because the colours are so bright. It's so insanely difficult to pair the skirt with anything. Today was a presentation day for my stats module. Black and white seems too boring for a non-formal presentation though. Tada, colourful skirt and brown studded flats! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

A million little stars spelling out your name

My new sweater from just arrived and it's so comfy. Plus my classic longchamp bag that I can take with me pretty much everywhere. I also really love the details of the blue flats from primark. 

Just had my German oral today. My question was if renting or buying a house was better. I think that's quite tough given my German level. I definitely could've done better. Nonetheless, school is finally ending in 3 weeks, I am so looking forward to the holidays. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't you ever grow up

Today's outfit. I was looking through my wardrobe when I found a metallic jacket from years back. The material was amazing and I had to wear it so here it is. Metallic mixed with neutral and denim, a perfect casual outfit. Nothing too shiny overall.

I know I look like a little kid. Then again, you are only young once. There's no need to be in a hurry to grow up.

Awesome day today despite the annoyingly difficult finance quiz. Was so excited at the exchange program briefing. There's so much admin work to settle but I really hope everything works out in the end!

Headed to Chinatown with Lucas for German food. Yes it's ironic. But the currywursts are so authentic, it's amazing. Great day out roaming the streets of Chinatown, it felt like we were on a holiday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Faster than the wind, passionate as sin

Haven't been feeling at my best this week but was a lot better after ice cream with Lucas last night! Received all my midterm results and they're pretty shit and I think my best module is as expected, German.

So to celebrate that, I decided I really wanted to wear my H&M stuff I bought from Germany. Plus lovely heart shaped German flag earrings and a necklace I customized many years back.

Loads of deadlines coming up because yet another semester is ending and I am feeling so lazy to blog but I will do so at least once a week till November! Forgive me but my grades are in desperate need of saving.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Every time you shine, I'll shine for you

Night out with Lucas, Oktoberfest @ Clarke Quay. Simple dress since I figured it'd be warm and crowded and awesome wedges I've just bought. Just can't resist shoes in this shade of pink because it goes with pretty much everything.

And today's guest star....

Hi Lucas hahaha. The shirt is cute right. I think so too, since it's picked out by yours truly and I have good taste. :)


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