Saturday, November 17, 2012

Juicy Couture Holiday 2012 Preview

Last Wednesday, I received a pair of invites from NYLON Singapore to attend the Juicy Couture Holiday 2012 preview. It was my first time at such an event and I really enjoyed it! Please do invite me for more events hahaha. Anyway, here are some photos! :)  

There were drinks and all the little snacks. Look at all the amazing arm candy lying around!! 

Melissa, who went with me!

I look like a dwarf standing with the models but they're really pretty. And I cannot describe how much I love the fur coat and want it in my wardrobe. 

Ros from 987. :) 

Taking our polaroids at the instant photo booth and with all our juicy bags/armswag. :) 

 Lastly, I won the first place in the lucky draw. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised too because I don't usually win anything at all. So I got myself this juicy bag to take home! 

Great event, and I really hope I'll get the opportunity to go for more. Oh and the holiday 2012 collection has really amazing coats and jackets. I love all the metallics and sparkles. Plus, it's a bonus the neutral colours are so easy to match with anything! :)

On a completely unrelated note, I'm done with school for the semester! I still have my final exams left and I really really gotta study for it because I'm lagging behind so badly and I can't continue this way. An outfit post when I have the time! :)


  1. Lovely event!! xxoxo

  2. Beautiful photos!
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    Keep in touch!

  3. Oh wow that's awesome! I'm so jealous!

  4. It's looks like a wonderful event! Great pictures!


  5. Hi!! amazing pics!! i'm so jealous!! Kisses!

  6. Bonitas fotografias, el bolso es precioso. Besitos

  7. wow looks like a fab event! great pictures!! :)